Why You Should Start Bullet Journaling

I like to be organized, have a plan, and know that I have accomplished my goals at the end of the day. I completely fell in love with bullet journaling this year and I am so happy that I started. Here are the reasons I started and why you should too!

The Everything Book

I like to call my bullet journal my “Everything Book.” I used the Erin Condren life planner for two years and really loved it but needed more space than allotted by the vertical blocks and single notes pages each month. With my bullet journal, I am able to customize my layouts and adjust according to my needs. I can have my daily to-dos, weekly readings, events, trackers, etc. live in one place.

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Keep It Small

Another downfall I found in the Erin Condren was the bulkiness. From the oversized pages to large coil binding, it was becoming cumbersome in my backpack. I have the Leuchtturm 1917 Medium Bullet Journal Notebook Medium (A5) Hardcover in black and love that I can easily throw it in my tote bag for career fairs and interviews or stow it away in my backpack.

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Photo by instagram.com/leuchtterm1917


I enjoy taking 30 to 45 minutes each week to sit down, plan the week ahead, and being a little creative in the process. You can get inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram and it has even pushed me into learning how to hand letter.

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Catalogue Your Life

Since they I write just about everything in my bullet journal I am excited to be able to look back on my last year of college in five years. The quality of Leuchtterm notebooks really lends itself to safe keeping. I have already been eyeing the next one I want to buy after graduation.

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Brain Dump

Brain Dumps are probably the best spread I started implementing in my bullet journal. Whether I dedicate a section for the week or for the month, they provide a space for me to get my random thoughts and ideas on paper. This section should be like the junk drawer in your home, I like to jot down blog ideas, rough outlines for papers, some helpful tips I found in an article or whatever else comes to mind as I am winding down at the end of the day.

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If this inspired you to start your own bullet journal, follow #bulletjournal for inspiration and be sure to tag me in your creations! Embrace the versatility of it, try new layouts, & test your creativity. In the end, make it work for YOU!


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