My favorite part of awards show season is the Red Carpets! The looks that hit the carpet help set the trends for the rest of the year & become the looks we all try to emulate. Last night these lovely women did NOT come to play.

Cardi B

This was one of the first times that I actually loved Cardi B‘s makeup without a doubt. The angelic vibes she gave were so refreshing from head to toe. She, of course, couldn’t leave the full lash at home, but her everything else was so subtly glam with perfection.

Her Makeup Artist Erika also proved that you don’t need to break the bank to look AMAZING by using affordable products to send Cardi off. Erika shared on Insta that she used products by Ofra Cosmetics and lashes by Kiss which you can see below!



Consider our tickets bought ❄️🍿#eredcarpet #grammys

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SZA instantly caught my eye when she stepped up for her interview with Ryan Seacrest (which was absolutely adorable btw). She also went with a classic look in white and simpler makeup. Her Makeup Artist Samuel Paul really focused on the skin opting for a staple glossy lip lashes galore.

He used a mix of products by Glossier, Makeup Forever, and of course added some Melanie Mills Body Radiance. Can’t wait to see more looks like this.



Lady Gaga

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Lady Gaga ruled the carpet in a glittery, smokey, winged liner. If your a Game of Thrones fans, her icy blond locks braided with black detailing likely reminded you of Daenerys. I liked it even more after her wardrobe change for the stage. The makeup transitioned well from the black Georgio Armani lace gown to the fluffy pale-pink tool of the second. She is a queen and she didn’t let us doubt it for a second.

Gaga’s Makeup Artist Sarah Nicole Tanno used mostly Marc Jacobs Beauty to create this look. Including the Blaquer Highliner Gel Crayon applied all over the lid for a pigmented base and Le Marc Lipstick in Cream & Sugar to balance the intenseness of the eyes with a nude lip.


Gaga is giving us a million reasons to crush on this look #ERedCarpet #grammys

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Alessia Cara

Alessia is the model comfy girl, always looking like herself! From her pantsuit, flats, and converses she exuded confidence. As for the makeup, the highlight was POPPIN. People could probably see it in the nosebleeds at Madison Square Garden. There was a time when the artist chose to go makeup-less in opposition to the norms of the entertainment industry but it was nice to see a little glam from the Cara camp (I couldn’t resist).

Her makeup artist focused on the highlight, contour, and a brown smokey eye. I like that they opted for brown because it was a little more muted and went well with the relaxed vibes of the overall look. I aspire to achieve Alessia’s level of chill.


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Even Queen Bee was all about the skin and glow. Her hair was pulled back and it was all about the face. Beyoncés makeup is always flawless so her place on my list was an absolute given. No questions asked.

Her Makeup Artist, Sir John, used a kit full of Glossier products for this look. His must-haves included Boy Brow, Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream, Perfecting Skin Tint, and an unreleased product Glossier teased on their Instagram. He is also a L’Oréal ambassador so some of their Lumi products were also in the mix.


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I don’t know about you, but I am one of those people that will watch glam tutorial after tutorial but almost never re-creates the looks. It just isn’t realistic for me to take the time in the morning to create a flawless cut crease, a full face with 10 different layers, or a perfectly winged liner. I prefer blended, natural looking skin that accentuates my eyes and cheekbones. So when those types of routines pop up in my subscription box I take note.

I have created this collection of makeup tutorials for the simplistic beauty lovers and the beginners who are overwhelmed by all the baking, contouring, and glam-ing that consume their Instagram feed.

Bottom line: Makeup doesn’t have to be hard.


Shayla’s video is the most recent and I love it because it is at a middle ground between bare-faced and full-glam. She perfectly describes it as “Fresh and Glowy Everyday Makeup.”


Best Tips:

  • Always use moisturizer no matter your skin type
  • Create a more blended nose contour by bringing your under-eye concealer to the bridge of your nose
  • Apply your highlighter to the center of your eyelid, from your lash line to the crease

Desi Perkins

I love this video because it is so realistic about normal breakouts. Although she uses more high-end products, it is easy to replace them with drugstore dupes if you’re on a budget.


Best Tips:

  • Use a liquid luminizer after your moisturizer and before any concealers or foundations
  • Spot treat the problem areas to eliminate skin irritation
  • Opt for more hydrating products that won’t accentuate your breakouts


Karen’s video is great for those who don’t like wearing foundation everyday like me and prefer for a little bit of their skin to peek through. It is especially helpful for those who have been blessed with freckles.


Best Tips:

  • Take time with your skincare routine
  • Tap your fingers over the concealer you’ve applied to help the product melt into your skin
  • Skip the blush and bronzer and keep it simple with some highlighter to build the glow

Alissa Ashley

I have been obsessed with Alissa Ashley for the past few months because she creates quality, informational content. This is one of the fuller coverage looks, but it doesn’t leave the skin looking cakey or powdery.

Best Tips:

  • Skip highlighting concealer under the eyes for a less glam and more natural
  • Don’t worry about being super precise – add some color and warmth, not a contour
  • Try a bright colored cream blush that leaves the skin with a dewy finish
  • Apply setting spray to the cheeks and forehead and melt everything together with a wet sponge


These are 4 of my favorite minimalistic beauty routines, I hope you found them useful and found some ways to shave some time off of your own routine. Glam is great, it’s a talent, it’s art, but it never hurt anyone to let their natural beauty shine. If you have any other suggestions, link them below!!


Natural hair is beautiful and different from person to person. For some, that means perfectly straight while for others it means super tight coils. Embracing your hair’s natural texture is amazing in so many ways, these are just some of the things I wish I knew before throwing away the box of kiddie perm for good!

It’s a lot of work

Between the washing, detangling, moisturizing, deep conditioning and more, it starts to get really intense. Yes, straightening your hair can get tiresome starting my a really good clean that doesn’t leave any residue, drying it, and taking an hour or more to straightening. But at least that is a one and done ordeal that leaves me with virtually maintenance-free hair for about a week. On the other hand, curly hair needs attention every morning. Mastering a great wash-n-go doesn’t negate the fact that you will have to re-wet and fluff each day before it becomes so frizzy you have no choice but to go through the whole process again.

It’s expensive

This is the one I was least prepared for. The leave-in conditioners, creams, oils, and gels are increasingly taking up space in my shower and my bank account. So token of advice – try to save where you can. Instead of a microfiber towel, try a t-shirt. Instead of a leave-in conditioner, grab your conditioner out of the shower. Making these little changes leads to bigger savings.

I have found so many great products in the drugstore that beat out the pricey salon products, some of my current favorites are shown below.

It takes time and patience

I stopped chemically straightening my hair in high school but it wasn’t until the six months that my curls started to really take shape. I am about to graduate college and I still have some straight strands that I am waiting to grow out. Everyone’s hair grows at different rates so keep that in mind. I didn’t do a big chop because I know my hair takes a long time to grow and I don’t think I could withstand the awkward phase. Instead, I got rid of the chemicals and nourished my hair as much as I could without creating heat damage.