I have seen the Glam Glow brand everywhere and when I saw the matte glow moisturizer on Instagram I knew I was gonna buy it. I was on the hunt for a higher end moisturizer because the one I wasn’t working well with my makeup anymore and it gave off too many oils by the end of the day. In the past I have used the Bobbi Brown gel moisturizer and I really do love it but I wanted to try something new and different.

New #skincare buy – @glamglow #volcasmicmatteglow moisturizer ✨#morglam

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  1. The texture is very different from what I expected from the posts I had seen on Instagram. I was expecting a creamy, liquid like consistency similar to my other moisturizers but it is more like a balm. Do not open it and just dip your finger in. Instead use the back of your nail (or one of those makeup spatulas if you have one) to pick up the product and apply it. Although it is of a thicker consistency at first, once you start warming it up with your hands and rub it in, the product melts into your skin really nicely
  2. The scent is the most distinctive components to this product. It has a really strong bubblegum-like, sweet scent so if you do not like to use those types of products I would save your money on this one. I don’t have sensitive skin but I would be careful if you do, as with trying any product. The smell dissipates a little however once you let it set so I wouldn’t be too worried about that.
  3. This moisturizer does really well under makeup. It isn’t to heavy or oily at all and sets pretty quickly so you don’t have to sit there waiting for it to set before putting on your next face product. This sets kind of like a primer and I notice my skin feels and looks a bit smoother when I use it. It doesn’t make your foundation drag on your skin either which is a plus.

I have been really liking this moisturizer because of the finish it gives and my skin reacts really well to it. I also notice I can go longer longer in the day without having to blot with a tissue or something. The only thing I would probably just to tone down the scent. Other than that, I really like it and would definitely recommend. This is a good every day moisturizer.