The New Year is right around the corner and that means low lit parties and flash photos! Baking and highlighting has become very popular and while it looks pretty great in natural light, it can create a weird flashback or white cast in photos! Here are some tips to avoid that going into 2017!

Stay away from primers and foundations with a lot of SPF. Sun protection is really important in your daily cosmetics products to keep skin damage to a minimum but when going out at night you can opt for one with a little less SPF but still provides build-able coverage.

Make sure your concealer is the right undertone. This is really important especially for those with medium to deep skin tones. Most drug store brands struggle to provide a range of products with various undertones. Don’t settle for a great formula when they don’t have the right shade for you. If you have a more yellow undertone stay away from pinky concealers. I have noticed this most with the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer which has a very small color range. It blends beautifully and lasts really well so I would only recommend it for those of you with a pink undertone.

Try baking for less time. Baking is great, I love it because it keeps creasing down to a minimum and can help to sharpen your contours. However leaving the powder on for too long can lead to intense white flash backs in your photos. I leave powder under my contour line for the shortest period of time, basically putting it on and instantly brushing it away. I leave it on a little bit longer under my eyes and down the bridge of the nose but not by much.

If that still doesn’t solve your problem, try a tinted powder that is closer to your skin tone instead of a translucent one. Yellow powders are good for doing the same thing for those with medium to deep skin tones. Choose a powder a few shades lighter than your skin tone that will better blend with your foundation and concealer.

Here are some modifications you can make to your makeup routine that could help you get a photo-ready finish!


We are 5 days away from Christmas and it is crunch time! Whether you are just finishing up with dreaded finals and just found the time to start your holiday shopping or if you are just a little behind, this guide could help you find the perfect gift!

Skincare products are a great option for gifts for beauty lovers. It does not have to be super expensive and can be as simple as pulling a basket together of some great face masks or body scents.

Dermalogica has some great skincare products I have been yearning to try but have not bitten the bullet yet to buy. Their pre-cleanse has gotten some great reviews online and claims to clean anything and everything – even gum that is stuck in your hair. This is a more expensive product but everyone deserves a quality product when it comes to the skin. Plus this gift does not need to be too skin type specific.

Face masks are a great option because they are pretty inexpensive and it is easy to group a bunch together as a little TLC kit. There are paper, mud, and eye masks that are great for relieving stress or treating the skin for those friends who travel a lot.

Face moisturizers are a little bit harder to buy for someone else unless you know them really well. Moisturizer however is important for anyone of any skin type but is also the most forgotten. It is a winter essential and here are some of the top rated ones on the market.

Body care is another universal type of gift and something that literally everyone needs. You can of course opt for Bath & Body Works but there are also some higher priced items that are perfect for a mini-splurge.

Makeup Kits are all over the place in Sephora and Ulta full of travel- and full-size products they can use to explore and experiment with different brands. They allow for you to get them a mix of products without breaking the bank.

Lip products, especially liquid lipsticks and highly pigmented glosses are perfect for any makeup lover. Keeping skin tone in mind a simple nude and deep reds for the holidays are always a safe bet.

Palettes are always an option and allow you another chance to buy something for someone that they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. Urban Decay and Lorac are always my safest bets for shadows but Tarte and NYX also have some options.

Are you looking to buy some of these products for your family and friends this holiday season?