Loving and taking care of your sneakers is not just for the guys! More and more brands are coming out with cool sneakers for any one to wear with almost any look. They aren’t just for the gym or lounging around, they can be dressed up or just give you a cool polished look. Here are some of my favorite sneakers that I have in my closet right now:

White high-top converses are a staple and I always have a pair in my closet. They look great dressed down and dressed up. Sometimes I wear them with a pair of jeans or leggings and a tee or with a dress. They almost work anytime, everywhere. Plus you don’t have to worry about keeping them pristine and white. A fresh pair is nice but a bit of wear on them adds some character. If you feel they need a good wash though, just throw them in the washer!

Another super wearable shoe is the Adidas Tubular Viral. I love gray sneakers because you don’t have to worry so much about them matching, because they go with anything. These are a little harder to keep clean but you can easily wipe down the soles to get them white.

I purchased these Air Max 90 Ultras before the start of the school year because I wanted to add some color to my wardrobe. I wear them much more than I initially thought I would and this color is really on trend. They call it “noble red” but I would describe it as maroon or burgundy. They are pretty comfortable and not as bulky as the traditional Air Maxes.

The Puma Fierce Metallics are the newest in my collection since I bought them last weekend and I am obsessed. I debated for a while in the store if I wanted them in silver or black but ultimately went with the silver. They are fun, different and super comfortable. Plus you don’t even have to worry about lacing them up!




Cleaning your makeup brushes is important for makeup application and your skin care. Clean brushes prevent breakouts, decreases risk of irritation from application, and are simply easier to use. Your shadows will blend easier and your face products will apply more evenly. This process does not have to be expensive and you can really use what you already have at home.

  1. My favorite way to clean my brushes and sponges just requires antibacterial dish soap and a olive oil. The dish soap ensures all the bacteria is washed out of the bristles and the olive oil prevents stripping the bristles and nourishes them. I recommend wetting your brush or sponge under the faucet, then dipping the brush into the dish soap and swirling it around in the palm of your hand. Keep rinsing until all the suds are out and the water is running clear, then dip a little into the olive oil. Swirl the brush around a few more times and rinse, making sure to get all the oil out of the brush. This method is one of the least expensive and gives the best results.
  2. Another DIY method is to use your shampoo and conditioner. When I first got into makeup, I used this method because a lot of people recommended it on YouTube and it gets the job done pretty well. But then I learned that is not as good at deep cleaning your brushes and can leave some bacteria behind. I still use this method if I am in a pinch or just need a quick cleanse but I prefer the dish soap and olive oil.
  3. Some companies sell brush cleaners. I purchased the Real Techniques Cleansing Gel and it works at getting the gunk out of the brushes but I felt like I had to use a lot of product to get the job done. Beauty Blender sells a Blender Cleanser Solid which is a bar of soap for your brushes. They recommend using it on your beauty blender as well as your regular brushes. At almost double the price of the Real Techniques cleanser, this one does a better job but still just as good as the DIY method I love. These are good if you are traveling and need to throw something in your bag, in that case it would be worth it.

Do you have any methods for cleaning your brushes I haven’t mentioned? Leave a comment below!