This Naked Ultimate Basics palette was officially released on Sunday, September 18th but I was able to grab it a little early on that Friday at the nearby Ulta. This palette is the 4th to be added to my collection. I own Naked 2, Naked 3, and Naked Smokey, so I knew I was going to purchase the Ultimate Basics as soon as it was available. They gave us what we asked for, a palette of solely matte shadows and here are my thoughts.

The formula in these pressed shadows seem to have changed in comparison to their older palettes. In this palette they are creamier, more blendable, easy to apply while in the other palettes they can be a bit chalky. The textures are more similar to my all-time favorite eyeshadow palette, the Lorac Pro.

At first glance. the shades look great but after applying them on myself there are some I love and some that I could forget about. The lighter blending shades on the top such as nudie, commando, instinct. Those shadows don’t really do much for darker skin tones even for blending because they can turn a bit ashen. Other than that, all the shades are great and versatile. Whether you are going for a cool or warm eye look, you can use some shadows from this palette.

The packaging looks just as pretty in person as it does in the pictures but it feels a little cheaper than the other palettes in the Naked line. I was expecting it to be a heavier metal and some plastic but this is made solely of plastic and feels more flimsy. But they make up for it with the awesome full size mirror. The mirror and the size make it great for travel. The brush that came with it is also pretty good, on the one side you can use it as a shader or blending brush and the other is good for accuracy of placing color in the crease or the lash lines.

Overall, I really like the palette and am happy I purchased it. If you have this palette, leave your thoughts below!



Melt Cosmetics is well known for their eyeshadow stacks filled with highly pigmented pans of creamy shadows. Their shadows come in a range of shades from bright neons to rustic nudes. The company recently announced a new edition to the family, the Gunmetal Stack! To be released this month, this stack will feature mainly shimmery shades ranging in subtle and daring colors.

The first shadow introduced was “Harsh Stone White”, a champagne glitter tone perfect for cut creases or a pop of color on the center of the lid. You could even use it for some intense strobing over top of your everyday highlighter!


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The next shade is a bluish black glitter shadow named “Gun Metal”. This shade is not your everyday color for the office or Monday morning classes but it is great for those days when you’re looking to add some intensity. I love using colors like this all over the lid to create a deep smoky eye or just on the lash line for a grunge look. With fall looming around the corner, dark colors like these are perfect for your collection!



Assimilate” is the first matte shade they introduced and it’s perfect for blending. This deep taupe could be blended out in the crease with the champagne shade to add a little dimension or to smoke out one of the darker shadows in the stack.



The fourth and final eyeshadow in the stack is named “Industrial.” It is another deep silver glitter shadow but has more gold and pink undertones than “Gunmetal” which has more black and blue.


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I am already imagining all the looks I can create with this mix of shadows. Now that the entire stack has been revealed, which is your favorite shade? Let me know in the comments below!