The matte lip has been a highlighted trend for the past year and more and more companies have been releasing liquid lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks are great because they are easily applicable, most have good color pay off, and they can weather any storm. However, trends come and go so here are my tips and tricks to achieving that perfect pout without breaking the bank!

  1. Buy a versatile shade or one that you know you will get a lot of wear out of. We all love those great bold purples, blues, and hot pinks but realistically it is not worth the $20 or more for you to wear it one time. Find a shade that you could see your self wearing on an almost daily basis so that you can get the most out of your money. I love Kat Von D‘s line of liquid lipsticks, I have been on the hunt for Lolita and Bow N’ Arrow but on a whole, they seem to be universally wearable.
  2. Search for dupes. Having gained so much popularity, liquid lippies are being released by an array of cosmetics companies at more reasonable price. Just keep in mind that as you opt for the more inexpensive options, you may have to sacrifice the quality of the formula.
  3. Use what you have! The best thing about beauty and makeup is that it allows you to be creative. If you don’t feel like going out and buying new lip products, try using an opaque lipliner and lipstick as normal and use a tissue and some translucent setting powder. It will give you that mattifying and long lasting finish of a liquid lipstick without the added cost.

The TRUE Secrets to Winter StyleThe colder months are the time to buy those timeless pieces that will last you years to come. Great sweaters, comfortable boots, and cozy coats. With this snow storm that just hit the east coast, winter is here with a vengeance so why not stay at home with your cup of hot cocoa and enjoy some online shopping. Here are a few pieces I have found and either have really enjoyed or am refraining myself from simply pulling the trigger and adding it to my online shopping cart!

The first item is one of my new favorite additions to my closet. Abercrombie and Fitch, more so Abercrombie kids brings on severe flashbacks of middle school and the overwhelming scents and branding. However, I was pleasantly surprised at their complete re-vamp. They call this a blanket poncho and it is probably the most comfortable thing you could wear while at the same time looking like you tried really hard getting ready that morning. It is so easy to wear and adds something to any look.

Finding boots in the right width for my calves can be very difficult and requires a lot of searching and trying on,especially for knee high boots. So when I find a pair I like, I tend to get attached rather quickly. These Orabella knee-high boots by Steve Madden are great. They have a little bit of a heel, adding a little sophistication without sacrificing comfort. I love pairing them with a pair of leggings and a longline sweater or some jeans and a t-shirt. All depends on how I am feeling that day!

Yeah, yeah, we all love our sweaters and our boots but let’s talk about the most important thing. Sweatpants. These faux shearling sweatpants from Uni-qlo are a gift from heaven. They are a jogger fit so you can wear them in public without feeling like a complete bum. Just trust me on this, you need these in your life. Plus they are only $20, definitely beats out anything you could buy at VS Pink over double the price!


Foundation Review

I always tend to be most intrigued by any new product that is released, but especially foundations. It does not matter whether they are high end or drugstore, I like to compare everything that is on the market. Here, I am going to share my thoughts on the new Makeup Forever Ultra HD liquid foundation comparing it to the original HD formula and other products I have tried in the past.

I found this foundation for $43 at Sephora and bought the shade Y425 – Honey. I love that there is such a wide color range because it is often times very difficult to find the perfect shade. You can really tell that the brand was thinking about every woman.

Being such a pricey foundation, I can say that it is completely worth it. It wears well and has great coverage without feeling heavy or cakey. It is also very easy to apply and blends into the skin leaving a very natural finish. It is not completely matte I have applied it using both a beauty blender and a brush however, while I prefer the beauty blender for ease, I do not notice any major difference in the finish when I switch between the two application methods.

I like this formula better than the original Makeup Forever Foundation because it is more rich, more buildable, and is easier to apply. The original is highly rated amongst beauty gurus but I found it too watery, the coverage was not great, and I noticed that it would sometimes oxidize throughout the day. So if you are looking for a new foundation, I highly recommend the Ultra HD foundation and I hope you love it as much as I do!