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I am always on the hunt for new and better products in the drugstore, especially items like concealer and mascara that I tend to go through a little quicker. For a while now I have been using the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer because it applies easily, is brightening, and has great coverage without creasing or cakiness. However I noticed that the pink base was giving a lot of flashback in photos and I thought of going a shade darker but that would be almost too dark for the under eye area and make it look more ashen. Since I loved the formulation of the Age Rewind Concealer I thought I would also like some of their other options. I looked at the Fit Me concealers that Nicole Guerriero has been raving about in recent YouTube videos but the store I was at did not have the shade I need. Then I saw the new better skin line and wanted to try it out.

One thing that captivated me about the Better Skin line is that it seems more yellow-based which is great for medium to dark complexions. I also like the whole idea of skin feeling and looking like skin. Although I do like the shade and the feel of it on the skin, I do not think that it is the best only because you have to be careful with the application process. I initially tried it with a few brushes but that left streaks and just moved the product around. I also tried it with my fingers but once again it was leaving imprints and left the areas where I applied it looking blotchy. The only way I have been able to successfully where it is by using a beauty blender, which kind of defeats the purpose of choosing a more affordable product.

I also noticed some spotting once I put a powder over top and it just does not wear great throughout the day. I am going to finish out the product since I spent the money on it but I do not think that I would purchase it again. Let me know your thoughts if you tried this concealer in particular or if you have any suggestions on what I should try next.

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At the start of every new school year, we all have this bright idea that we are ready to turn a new leaf when in reality we are going to be back to our sweats and old sports tees by the second week. I want to share my comfortable fashion buys that still look like you put in some effort that morning.
Every girl loves a great pair of black leggings and it they are a must in any wardrobe. They do not have to be expensive either despite all the brand names you here, especially on campuses. Black leggings are black leggings whether you spend upwards $50 at Lululemon or $10 at Marshall’s. If you are really looking for the mesh, geometric style leggings like you can find at lulu, I recommend checking Forever 21 for some cheaper alternatives.

As much as we all would love to, it is not very realistic to wear leggings for the rest of our lives so for those rare occasions try a loose fitting, denim. Most times I do not opt for the super skinnies because by the end of the day the seam pattern is imprinted down the sides of my legs and I can barely move. I love distressed jeans because they can make an outfit a little more edgy without trying to hard, I can cuff at the bottoms when paired with a cute pair of sneakers.

Plain or Graphic Tees are great because with a little embellishment you can really take your outfit to the next level whether it be a cool quote or print. I have never been comfortable with my rear end out so I love that stores other longer length tees and tops. I have found some great inexpensive tees at stores like American Eagle and Marshall’s.

A fun pair of athletic sneakers not only look good but can motivate you to get fit and put the to use. Just looking at the Nike website alone makes me want to look like the women in their ads. If you have smaller feet, try the children’s sizes because they are a little cheaper and they have almost all the same styles as they do in adults. 

I simple pair of tennis or slip-on sneakers are great because they can be worn with just about anything whether it be a tee shirt dress or athletic shorts. Also, I don’t know if it is just me but when the summer is behind me I can’t be bothered keeping up with my chipped polish on my toes.